APPG 2010 Results - Full List

NTR Univerisity of health sciences has announced results for APPG 2010. Their official website provided a list of people who qualified for the exam and the ranks they have obtained. But it does not provide a consolidated list of all the candidates as per their rank, sex, region and category which plays a crucial part for students in figuring out the chance they have in securing a seat. This list is the most sought after and is generally not available anywhere.

For the benefit of students I have collected this information from their site and am providing it here.

I am not providing the names of the candidates to preserve anonymity.

Due to the size limit (<=1MB) imposed by this site I have posted the data in WordPress. Get the data from this link:


Vijji said…
Did you live in Tirupathi and have a brother Pradeep?

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