Installing IceHouse on CentOS 6.5 with PackStack -- All in one node

  • CentOS 6.5 (or above) installed on a system with Openstack recommended specs
  • Basic Network Configured and working. If you have used CentOS minimal version then you will need to configure the network manually. You can refer to the steps required here
  1. yum update -y
  2.  Go to IceHouse Repo and copy the link to the latest  *****.noarch.rpm. As of December 2014, the latest rpm is : rdo-release-icehouse-4.noarch.rpm
  3. yum install -y**latest**.noarch.rpm
  4. yum install openstack-packstack
  5. Generate an answer file and configure it as per your requirements
    • packstack --gen-answer-file *filename*
  6. Trigger installation using the generated answer file
    • packstack --answer-file *filename*

 I generally prefer to set all the password fields in my answer file to a predefined value. I do this using a simple regex search & replace call. You can use the same in your setup.
  • vi answer.txt
  • :%s/PW=.\{16} $/PW=mypassword
  • :%s/PASSWORD=.\{1,} $/PW=mypassword

  • The latest OpenStack repo will be located at


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