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Juniper Inter VLAN routing in 3 ways explored

When inter VLAN routing needs to be configured on Juniper devices the first thing that comes to mind is to use RVI (SVI in cisco land) and be done with it. But, there are certain situations where this approach may not work and this article explores the alternative ways of configuring inter VLAN routing on Juniper devices.

Lets say we have a router on a stick topology where an MX/SRX is acting as the router. Depending upon whether its MX or SRX the approach to configure inter VLAN routing varies. The below picture acts as our reference topology for this article:

In this topology, we have a switch which has two VLANs 100 & 200 and the tagged packets are sent across to MX/SRX on a trunk port ge-0/0/1. VLAN 100 is assigned to a subnet having a gateway ip set to Similarly, VLAN 200 is assigned to a subnet having a gateway ip set to

Note: In this article I will use an RI instead of the global routing table.

Scenario 1 (RVI) : Works on all MX an…