Fixing Openstack Cirros VM : atkbd serio0: Use setkeycodes 00 error

When a Cirros VM is launched in Openstack Newton using the latest branch code you may encounter an error which prevents you from logging into VM's console. As soon as you start typing the username 'cirros' you may find the following error message getting printed on the console:

atkbd serio0: Unknown key released (translates Set 2, ................)
atkbd serio0: Use 'setkeycodes 00 ' to make it known

This is a known issue and is tracked @

I had tough time finding a solution to this problem and the solution turns out to be quite a simple one. This issue is occurring due to a bug in the latest noVNC code and is tracked @

This problem can be solved in two ways (as a workaround):

1. Set NOVNC_BRANCH=v0.6.0 in your local.conf file and restack
2. cd /opt/stack/noVNC
    git checkout v0.6.0
    Now go to your VM console and refresh it. It should start working.


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